Residential Block Management FAQs

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Q Who are Ground Solutions?

A Ground Solutions will act as the Managing Agent on behalf of your Managing Company.

Q Why do you need a Management Company/ Managing Agent?

A Unlike buying a freehold property where you are wholly responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of the buildings and gardens, when you become a leaseholder you and your neighbours have a shared responsibility for maintaining and repairing common areas. Therefore Estate Management is required to ensure that these communal obligations are carried out and the terms in your lease are met.

Q What do the Management Company/ Managing Agent do for us?

A The Management Company/ Agent will usually be responsible for:

Maintaining buildings and landscaped areas to prevent deterioration, improve the environment and maximise re-sale values.

Arranging all services required. These include regular services such as gardening, cleaning of communal areas, window cleaning, litter picking and lift maintenance etc. as well as emergency and recurrent services, for example, redecoration, replacing light bulbs and repairing door entry systems. 

Insuring your building. This varies from one development to another but will usually include Buildings and Contents of the common areas, Engineering insurance for lifts etc, Public Liability insurance and Directors and Officers Liability insurance to protect the Directors of a residents' Management Company. We also ensure that the development is fully health and safety compliant.

We offer a full company secretarial service.

Q Why do I have to pay a service charge and what will happen if I don't?

A You have to pay your service charge because it is one of the terms of your lease which is legally binding. Therefore if you do not pay it will end in legal action being taken against you. As trustees of your service charge fund we too are legally bound to ensure that those who should, pay their service charge. It is also crucial for us as your Managing Agent that service charges are paid on time to ensure that sufficient funds are available to continue with the services we provide.

Q What happens if I'm having difficulties paying my service charge?

A It is important that you contact a member of our team as soon as you possibly can, so we can try our best to arrange a solution.  

Q How can I pay my service charge?

A By cheque or internet banking.