Open Space Management FAQs

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Q Why do I need a Management Company?

A Traditionally, areas of open space on new developments would have been adopted by the Local Authority. Local Authorities are now becoming less willing to adopt these areas, therefore an alternative arrangement is required in order to maintain them.

Q How is the Management Company set up?

A The Management Company is a Limited Company which is set up by the developer at the commencement of building work. Each new homeowner will be a member of this company.

At the point where the last property is sold, Ground Solutions will hold an Annual General Meeting to which each new homeowner will be invited. Control of the Management Company will then be passed from the developer to the residents, who will have the opportunity to become a Director. 

Q What responsibilities do I have as a Director of the Management Company?

A As Managing Agents, Ground Solutions will be carrying out all administrative duties on behalf of the Management Company.

Directors would be expected to liaise with us at the point of producing the annual budgets, to guarantee we are providing the best value service on your behalf. They would also be expected to attend Annual General Meetings.

Having resident Directors gives Ground Solutions a point of contact on the development, helping us to provide the best possible service.